20 years ago I gave birth to my son. I now have a toddler daughter. The difference between what I knew then about parenting and what I know now is vast. I started this blog to share all I’ve learned and help other parents who seek evidenced-based, gentle approach to parenting, while also learning to trust their intuition.

In short, I am now an attachment parent who bedshares, toddler-wears, dislikes cribs strollers and baby seats, practices elimination communication, uses cloth diapers, breastfeeds (til my child is ready to stop), feeds my daughter whatever food I eat, buys organic, pays attention to food sensitivities, reserves the word “no” for matters of safety and well-being, would never ever spank or use timeouts, doesn’t like the conventions of punishment or rewards, doesn’t use shampoo or unnecessary products, composts, recycles, selectively vaccinates on our own schedule, and is a rabid intactivist who believes routine circumcision is sexual assault on infants (and that’s the one thing that hasn’t changed about in me in the past 20 years!). I don’t own a car. I take public transportation (and get anywhere I need to go). I am not a hippie. I’m an overeducated artist, and what some may call a “scanner” I know a lot about many things, but am not an expert at any one thing.

With my first child, I had a hospital birth full of interventions that left me traumatized and depressed. With my second child, I had a natural birth in a hospital with midwives and a doula. The emotional difference between these two experiences was incredible. I left my son in the care of his grandparents when he was seven, feeling inept and hopeless as a parent. I am now trying to heal that relationship and make up for my emotional instability and lack of confidence as a young woman. I am currently a very dedicated stay-at-home mama.

I am sometimes intentionally provocative, especially when I have PMS.

I’m also an incest survivor and have led quite an adventurous life before having my daughter. I plan to continue the adventures in new ways as I move forward! This is my life and this blog is all about what I’m learning from my parenting re-do.